Funny Face Game

D2 Irr technology

Our games are use  own game framework. Framework is based on open-source components, but performed much work on integration, optimization and improvement of almost all subsystems.

Framework is still under construction. Currently implemented the following components:

Renders is based on a modifed OpenGL version of Irrlicht 1.7.1 (ZLib).
Changes and additions:

  • Added lighgrid technology from Quake3 bsp
  • Added highres lightmap support
  • Animation extended by CAL3D animation library (LGPL)
  • Added playing OGV Theora format(LGPL)
  • Support for compressed textures (DDS format)
  • Added skinned GUI
  •  GUI speed optimization
  • Added support for True Type fonts using the Free Type (BSD-Like Freetype License).

Used OpenAL sound library (OpenAL Licence), and OGG codec.

  • 3D sound.
  • able to use OGG files Vorbis. (LGPL)

Collision and physics
For collision and physics  used Bullet library (ZLib)

Artificial Intelligence
Artificial intelligence system is based on the library InExIn (LGPL)

 scripting language is LUA + (Zlib-like LUA-license)

  • Debuging Quake-style console.
  • Console commands.

  • DarkStar client

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